Difference Between Blogger And WordPress????

Difference Between Blogger And Wordpress

Difference Between Blogger And Wordpress??

 Advantages Or Disadvantages Blogger Or Wordpress.Which Website Fast Google Adsense Approval And Which Is Best.

Blogger Advantages:-

* Free Hosting Provide

* Free Blogger Template

* Free Email Provide

Blogger Disadvantages:-

* Does Not Easly Rank Your Website

* Do Not Customize Your Blogger Template

* Do Not Fast Adsense Approval
* Do Not Use Blogger Life Time

* Do Not Secure Google Adsense Account 

* Do Not Plugin Are Here

Wordpress Advantages:-

* Rank Your Website Easily

* Fast Google Adsense Approval

* Google Adsense Account Secure

* Security Option Enabled

* Use Your Website Lifetime

* Earn More

* Traffic Increase Day-By-Day

* Plugin Option Enabled

Does Not Disadvantage In Wordpress

But Wordpress Does Not Free. Wordpress is paid website 

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